Understanding Your Bill

We regularly receive telephone calls from customers with questions about their bill.

Bancroft-Clover provides both water and sanitary sewer service to customers and these charges are summarized in the first two boxes.


Water charges consist of a service charge and tiered consumption blocks. The service charge is a flat rate, charged each month based on your meter size (residential meters are typically 3/4″). This fee is designed to recover the cost to operate and maintain the water system. The quantity of water you use each month is used to calculate your tiered consumption charge. The tiers are:

Tier 1: 0 – 3,000 gallons Tier 2: 4,000 – 12,000 gallons

Tier 3: 13,000 -30,000 gallons Tier 4: 31,000 gallons and greater

The District reads meters once a month, and bills in whole thousand gallon increments. For example, if your January meter reading is 3,900 gallons, you will be billed for 3,000 gallons at the end of January. When you use the next 100 gallons your meter reading will now be 4,000 and you will be billed for the additional 1,000 gallons. Your last meter reading, the date read, days in the billing cycle and last year’s consumption appear in the Water Consumption Information box at the bottom of your bill.

Sewer charges consist of a fixed flat charge and a volume charge. The flat fee is based on the water meter size and is designed to recover the cost to operate and maintain the sewer system. The sewer volume charge is based on your low winter average consumption. Low winter average is calculated using the period from mid-December to mid-February and establishes the baseline for indoor use. The low winter average is multiplied times sewer volume charge to get the monthly fee used throughout the year. Since the low winter average is calculated mathematically rather than observed like a water meter, it is rounded to the nearest whole thousand gallons.

If you have any questions regarding rates, tiers, water use or billing, please call the District office at 303-922-1113, email us at support@bancroftclover.com