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Conservation and Rebates

Using water efficiently helps to ensure that we sustain a vibrant environment, economy, and quality of life.

Colorado has a semi-arid climate, and that makes water one of our most precious resources. It is essential to many of the things that make Colorado, and our community, a great place to live, work, and play. Conservation is key to ensuring this precious resource is available to every Coloradan.

Indoor Tips

  • Install low flow fixtures and WaterSense labeled appliances. The items use less water and may be eligible for rebates.
  • Regularly inspect sinks and toilets for leaks, especially in seldom used parts of the house. Leaks often go unnoticed in seldom used areas like basements and guest rooms.
  • Run dish washers and washing machines only when you have a full load.
  • Turn off the water while brushing your teeth, shaving or washing your hands.
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Outdoor Tips

  • Let your grass grow longer to encourage better water retention.
  • Regularly inspect your sprinkler system for missing, damaged or misaligned sprinkler heads. Many irrigation systems are set to run during non-waking hours so cycling through the zones during the day is a good way to spot misaligned and damaged heads.
  • Install a rain sensor on your automatic sprinkler system. Rain sensors turn your system off when they detect rain.
  • Reduce sprinkler run times as fall temperatures cool. Cooler temperatures reduce evaporation of the water do apply.
  • Consider xeriscaping with native, water wise plants. For additional savings, install drip irrigation for these plants.

Bancroft Clover partners with regional leaders, including Denver Water and Resource Central bring our customers water saving programs and rebates.

A great way to conserve water is by replacing older, less efficient sprinkler heads and appliances with newer, more efficient models. Denver Water offers rebates on select purchases to commercial and residential customers in Bancroft-Clover. To view a complete list of eligible products and how to claim your rebate click on a button.