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Plan Review Walkthrough

When a customer / developer plans to modify or add to the District water or sewer system, they must submit plans to be reviewed by the District and District’s engineer.

System modifications requiring plan review include:

Adding, removing or relocating fire hydrants.

Raising, lowering or relocating water or sewer pipe.

Modifying sewer manholes.

Adding grease interceptors.

Connecting 1‐inch or larger commercial taps to the water system.


  1. Customer submits development plans to City of Lakewood or Jefferson County.
  2. City or County includes BCWSD on their referral list. Plans are sent to District & District Engineer for review concurrent with the City’s / County’s review. There is no charge to the customer for this review and comment. (Comment letter will include a comment that they must submit $1,000.00 and 2 sets of the construction plans to the district for formal review and comment).
  3. Customer submits 2 copies of the plans to the District for review. Customer must bring in $1,000.00 for engineering and legal imprest account.
  4. District Engineer reviews plans and sends comments to customer. This process may repeat until the plans meet District requirements. Customer’s imprest account is charged for engineering and legal time used in this process.
  5. For sewer plans: Once the plans are acceptable, the customer submits hard copy of plans to District Engineer to be stamped and signed.
  6. For water plans: Once the water plan is approved by the District Engineer, the owner is required to submit plans to Denver Water for review and approval.
  7. Denver Water approves, stamps and signs plans. Approved water plans are returned to District Engineer to be distributed at the pre‐construction meeting.
  8. Customer schedules pre‐construction meeting with District Engineer. Customer schedules additional attendees, based on Engineer’s request.
  9. Owner’s contractor constructs system modifications or additions. The owner’s contractor must be licensed to work within the District.
  10. New construction is inspected by District Inspector and tested, as necessary. At the end of construction, the District’s Inspector will perform a walk‐through of all facilities and make a punch list that needs to be completed prior to acceptance. As built plans will be submitted to the District Engineer.
  11. As built plans are accepted and incorporated into District maps and records.
  12. New construction is approved and accepted, warranty period begins. The warranty period will last for a year. Any maintenance required during this year will be paid for by the customer.
  13. Any remaining imprest funds are returned to customer after the last engineering bill has been paid.
  14. On the 11th month, after acceptance, another walk through occurs by the District’s Inspector. The owner will correct any items found by the District. Once this is accomplished, the lines are then accepted by the District for maintenance.