Changes to Water PH

As part of the Lead Reduction Program, the pH level of treated water delivered to Bancroft Clover customers will be adjusted beginning in March 2020.

Historically the water delivered to customers has a pH range of 7.5-8.5n with a target of 7.8. During the first week of March, the pH range will be increasing to a range of 8.5-9.2 with a target of 8.8.

This change is being done to reduce the corrosivity of the water, which will help protect customers who have plumbing in their homes that contains lead, such as customer-owned water service lines that connect their home to Bancroft Clover’s delivery main in the street, solder that connects sections of pipe in their home and faucet parts.

State health officials have no concerns about the health impacts of raising the pH of drinking water. Raising the pH of the drinking water won’t affect its taste or odor. You may notice that the water feels more “slippery.”

More information on this change can be found at

You can also call the District office at 303-922-1113 with questions