Customer Responsibilities

Individual property owners are responsible for the service lines, meters and meter pits at their service address.

Bancroft-Clover Water and Sanitation District is responsible for maintaining and replacing water and sewer mains throughout its service area.

Meter pit

Customer Service Lines

The dividing points between District-owned mains and the customer’s service lines are:

  • Water service lines are the customer’s responsibility from the curb stop valve to the building.
  • Sanitary sewer service lines are the customer’s responsibility from the point of connection on the District’s main to the building.
  • Bancroft-Clover is not affiliated with, nor does it endorse, any insurance protection programs for service line replacement.

Customer Water Meters and Meter Pits

In addition to the service lines, the property owner is also responsible for the water meter and the meter pit.

  • The meter pit is typically located in front of the property and is covered by a round metal lid.
  • Meter pits should be kept level with the ground’s grade, clear of any coverings or obstructions and be accessible by District personnel.
  • Underneath the meter pit lid a radio reading unit called an MXU is attached to the meter body. This device allows the meter to be read without opening the meter pit.

Tampering with, altering, damaging, or defacing a water meter or radio reading unit may result in a $500.00 fine and suspension of water service. If you have questions or require service to your meter, call the District office at 303-922-1113

Meter pit

Water damage and sewer backups may or may not be covered under your insurance policy!

To verify what coverage you have and what coverages may be available to you, contact your insurance agent. Bancroft-Clover is not responsible for water or sewer damage caused by a property’s service line or internal plumbing.