Protect your pipes from freezing temperatures

Winter in Colorado can bring temperatures well below freezing. Taking some simple preventative measures can help save your water pipes from freezing and potentially breaking.

Before cold weather hits, locate your water shut off valve. This valve is typically located along the wall facing the street. This valve will allow you to quickly turn off the water inside your home.

If you are expecting a prolonged period of frigid temperatures, open cabinet doors covering exposed pipes such as kitchen and bathroom cabinets. This will allow the warmer household air to warm the pipe.

Crack a faucet farthest from the place where water enters the house. A very slow stream will keep water moving and reduce the chance of freezing.

Insulate exposed pipes in crawlspaces or unheated basements.

If you do have a pipe freeze, thaw the pipe as soon as possible. When thawing a frozen pipe, slow is better. Use a hair dryer or heating pad, not a torch. Thawing a pipe too quickly can cause it to crack or break. When in doubt contact your favorite plumber for help.