What happened with my bill?

“What happened with my bill?” is a question we have been hearing a lot this year.

This year we had a cool wet spring, followed by an unseasonably warm, dry late summer and fall. The result was customers were watering outdoors later into the season than normal. It was not just in Lakewood, residents across the Denver Metro area reported higher than normal late summer and fall bills. For our customers, we saw substantially lower water use in the spring and summer, and higher than average use in September and October. In fact, this September was the warmest on record with an average Lakewood temperature of 69 degrees Fahrenheit

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A second factor affecting late summer and fall bills is the billing cycle. Bancroft-Clover reads meters near the middle of each month. Bills are then sent the first week of the next month and are due by the 30th. The result is that when you receive your bill, it may include water you used up to 6 weeks prior.

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The third factor affecting customers was a change in the tiered rate structure. In January of 2015, the rate structure was changed to adjust tier thresholds and drop seasonal rates. The rates are designed to encourage continued conservation through price, while ensuring basic affordability for very low water users. The single family rate tiers are: Tier 1 0-3,000 gallons. The price set to our wholesale rate from Denver Water. Tier 2 4,000-12,000 gallons. 12,000 gallons is the median, single family summer consumption. Tier 3 13,000-30,000 gallons. 90% of single family summer bills are for less than 30,000 gallons. Tier 4 > 30,000 gallons. If you have any questions regarding rates, tiers, water use or billing, please call the District office at 303- 922-1113, email us at Support@BancroftClover.com