Cooler Autumn Weather Coming

Despite the warmer and drier weather we experienced in August and September, cooler temperatures are on the way. With shorter days and cooler nights, the first frost of the season often occurs in October. To help protect against expensive repairs, winterize your systems before freezing temperatures arrive.

When shutting down your sprinkler systems, open drain valves and the vacuum breakers. To ensure all standing water is removed from elbows and low spots, blow the system out with compressed air. If you are not familiar with this process, an irrigation service can do it for you for a nominal charge.

Protect hose bibs by disconnecting hoses after each use or when freezing temperatures are forecast. If you have hose bibs on the north side of your house or other shady spots, you may consider installing an inexpensive insulated hose bib cover. Insulated bib covers can be found at most hardware and home improvement stores.

Don’t forget to drain and disconnect evaporative “swamp coolers”. Evaporative coolers often have the water supply line connected inside the house or attic. If the line freezes and bursts, you can have water damage occur inside your home.